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embrace your pace
Embrace Your Pace (EYP) is a company that inspires athletes, teams, and individuals to reach their full potential by recognizing the power that comes from following their path and Embracing their Pace. Backed by licensed mental health counselor and certified mental performance consultant Karelle Edwards-Perry with her husband, Athletic Director, and Apparel Designer Da'Mon Perry II, EYP offers services in the form of one on one counseling, group workshops, and team strategy sessions that provide support, guidance, and tools to help improve well being and optimize performance on a personal level. Additionally, through their mission to remind people of their individualized paths to success, EYP offers merchandise products to their community that represents not only the EYP brand but a way of life meant to be shared for the well-being of others. Through its services and products, EYP hopes to impact performers and individuals to excel to their full potential and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


Embrace Your Pace

Product: Website


Complete Website Development: Branding and Planning Consultation, site structure mapping, branded design concepts, completed website design, mobile responsive, and accessible website design.

The Problem

The Embrace Your Pace website which was initially built primarily for merchandise sales lacked organization and provided little to no interaction for its users over time. EYP wanted a website that would not only provide useful information to their users about what it means to Embrace Your Pace, but also as a hub for continuous content, and a place where they can learn more about the services offered. 

The Goal

Design a mobile responsive website that can clearly communicate EYP’s unique products and services. Through a seamless user interface, new and existing customers will be able to develop an understanding of EYP through an exclusive user hub, that will further promote EYP’s high quality of service and expertise. 


To understand the needs of EYP’s current and target audience, we performed a competitive audit on various sites that were identified as direct and indirect competitors. Through this process, we were able to define certain areas of gaps and opportunities to address on the EYP website. 
Embrace Your Pace competitive Audit
embrace your pace sitemap
Simplicity and efficiency was key to this website. Using a sitemap, I wanted to address the ease of accessing the shop and service information available as well as easy access to the community space for users. 
I did a quick sketch to come up with ideas for displaying the opportunities found in the competitive audit. My focus was specifically on displaying the brand and EYP community. 
embrace your pace website sketch

Embrace Your Pace Website Concept Design Creation

Primary, top-level pages were created to reflect the general look and feel of the website. After consistent back-and-forth communication with EYP, we decided that the blog posts needed to be an exclusive benefit of the free community. We made some adjustments to the site map and a few adjustments to the design. 
embrace your pace design concept

<- Initial Home Page Design

Final Home Page Design ->

embrace your pace homepage design
embrace your pace shopify integration
We integrated their current Shopify store with the new site using the Buy button functions for their collections. They needed the option to manage the existing Shopify store, while still enjoying the benefits of the new site functions. 
The EYP Performance services had their own dedicated section on the site to simply explain the three primary services offered at EYP. Each booking form were identified by page so that the EYP team would know where their users were on the site when they decided to reach out. 
embrace your pace webpage
embrace your pace webpage
The EYP Community was built to be an exclusive space where users could subscribe for free to access content such as bi-monthly tips and tools, authentic conversations surrounding mental health and athletes, blogs, podcasts, and more. 
embrace your pace webpage

<- EYP Community landing page for non-logged in users

My EYP- community page for logged in users  ->

embrace your pace webpage

Project Completion

Embrace Your Pace website
Once revisions and modifications from reviews were completed, the website was reviewed on various platforms before being launched to go live. 


The website was promoted on EYP social media with the help of EK Business Solution’s content creation and branding consulting. The users indicated much love for the new site. We plan to slowly release new content on My EYP to encourage users to subscribe. 
embrace your pace media content
embrace your pace media content
embrace your pace media content
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