Case Study: The VA Claims Lawyer

A brand new business means brand new everything! At the bare minimum, a logo, business card and letterhead. The VA Claims lawyer wanted to be professional while appealing to veterans and current military associated people.


The VA Claims Lawyer


Logo Design, Business Cards, Letterhead


Logo and Brand Creation

The VA Claims Lawyer needed a logo that would stand out as a service dedicated to veterans of the armed forces. The imagery of the US flag and dog tags was a sure way to identify as a military-focused business. We worked together to decide on the scales of justice to tie everything together and represent the law firm. Overall, we ended up with a quite ‘balanced’ look!

Branded Print Material

As a local lawyer, VA Claims needed, at minimum, some standout business cards along with professional and branded letterhead for important memos. He mentioned his target audience were often older or disabled vets, so we went with big and bold font for the back of the card stating directly the pain point of his clients so they knew exactly what Al could do for them. We kept the front clean and easy to digest. For the shape, we wanted something recognizable that would stand out among other ordinary cards; we took the branding from the logo and ordered custom dog tag-shaped cards. The branded letterhead was designed to be very clean so that we could have plenty of space for content while including all the important information about his business on every page. 
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